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I Ate ALDI: Journey To...Flavored Potato Chips


I Ate Oklahoma is brought to you in part by:

You know, I hope that you find some utility in this website. I hope that you find a laugh or something interesting or, at the very least, I hope you leave the site thinking about some delicious food you’re going to eat next.

I hope all those things, but I keep making I Ate Oklahoma for myself regardless. Because I love food. And I love trying new dishes. And I love grocery shopping and picking out something weird and intriguing and having an outlet to explain why, dear lord why, I keep buying bags of oddly flavored chips at ALDI.

And this week is no different, as I Ate ALDI digging into:

Journey To...India Tandoori Barbecue potato chips

I love Indian food. Find a cuisine with a better handle on spice combinations than Indian. Well? Pitter patter.

Okay, we both know you didn’t even try looking, but whatever. Indian food is some of the best around and I was eager to see how it translates into potato chip form.

Uhhhhh….it’s okay. Rather than chips that taste like a dal fry, these Tandoori Barbecue chips just taste like barbecue chips. Literally, I can’t tell how these are supposed to be different from your run-of-the-mill Lays-brand barbecue chips.

So, on the one hand, they’re tasty. Good chips, nice and crisp and thick, with a pleasant flavor. But does that flavor encompass tandoor-style barbecue? Not that I can tell, really.

These are good enough to buy and enjoy, but don’t go expecting much in the way of real Indian food flavors. (Check out these spots if that’s what you’re looking for.)

Journey To...Thailand Thai Curry potato chips

I love Thai food. Find a cuisine with a better handle on spice combin...this seems familiar. Anyway, Thai spicing is lovely, and Thai curries are some of my favorite. Much different than an Indian curry, Thai curry is often a mix of sweet and heat with a blend of floral spices.

These chips, shockingly, do a pretty decent job of capturing that flavor. I mean, they’re still potato chips. And, again, these are good potato chips. Hearty and delicious. But this Thai curry flavor is surprisingly spot-on.

Check the label and you’ll see that one of the flavoring ingredients is coconut, which makes a ton of sense. It has that subtle sweetness that comes on after the spice hit and it’s exactly what I was hoping for when I bought these.

Both bags are full of really good chips, but while the tandoori barbecue flavor is really just barbecue, the Thai curry actually has some Thai curry notes that I think you’ll enjoy.

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