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First Looks: Tamashii Ramen House Edmond


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Wakana Sebacher, who owns Tamashii Ramen House with her husband Matt, was worried that no one would know about their restaurant’s second location.

“I don’t think that’s going to be a problem,” I said. After all, every single person I’ve told about Tamashii opening a new restaurant in Edmond (132 E. 5th St.) immediately asked me these three questions:

1. When?!

2. Where?!

3. No, seriously, when?

Curry ramen

See, people love Tamashii. If you’ve been to their Midtown location, you’ve probably noticed exactly how many people love it. Enough to line up. Enough to wait 30 or 45 minutes in the weather.

And it’s not just nice people who like it. Weird jerks who spend all their time thinking about food and like to write about themselves in the third person are quite fond of it, too. (Proof: Here’s my review of the original.)

I won’t bore you with a rehashing of all the dishes, because they’re the same as they are at the Midtown location—excellent. I’m not saying every restaurant is adept at copying the menu from one spot to the next, but all the food I had at the new Tamashii was identical to what I’ve eaten at the original Tamashii.

Which isn’t to say everything is the same. The new location is bigger, which I think will be a boon at keeping fickle Edmond families from abandoning it at the first sign of a wait. And while the Midtown location has table service, the new Edmond shop lets you order at the counter.

The upshot: food comes a lot faster. Like...a lot faster, at least in my case. Literally, from the time I left the counter to the time I got to my table, my garlic fried rice (the most criminally underrated dish on the menu, in my opinion) was arriving. That’s insane.

Garlic fried rice

What impressed me, aside from the food being exactly what I wanted, is how well Matt and Wakana have transferred the look and feel of the original to the new restaurant. If you’ve been to the original Tamashii, you’ll feel immediately at home in the new one. The tables and the lights and the chopsticks, even the polished concrete floors—everything gives you that sense of deja vu.

Tamashii is their baby, Wakana said. They put everything they had into making it a success and, now that they’re expanding, they don’t want it to become something different.

I’m stoked to have another Tamashii. And I think Edmond and north OKC are going to fall in love with having real ramen so close to home.

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