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#WeedEater Straiin Premium THC Syrups


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Medical marijuana is taking Oklahoma by a very chill, very laidback storm. With new dispensaries opening across the state and manufacturers eagerly filling shelves with marijuana edibles, it seems like high time to start reviewing products to help patients find the best medicine for their needs. Interested in talking to a doctor about medical marijuana? Oklahoma City-based Bloom Healthcare Inc. is a no-judgement doctor’s office dedicated to helping those in need find the right treatment for their ailments.

When it comes to edibles, there are really only two measures that matter:

How well does it work?

How does it taste?

If it works really well, maybe you can let it slide on taste a bit. But the whole point of edibles is that you get to enjoy eating them and then enjoy the medical benefits.

In Oklahoma, the THC syrup business has been brutal. Reports of products that just don’t work along with flavors that are, at best, extremely medicinal. At worst? Well, some effects just aren’t worth chasing if it means drinking something that tastes like basement-made cough syrup.

Which is a shame, because syrups can have all the effectiveness of a good edible, the full-spectrum benefits of smoking and a kick-in time much faster than some baked goods.

It’s no wonder, then, that James LeBouef at Straiin kept pursuing that elusive prey: the effective and delicious THC syrup.

Problem was, he never found it. So he decided to make his own.


Straiin’s Premium THC Syrup is only available at their dispensary and after a sip, I understand why exclusivity is essential. This stuff tastes amazing.

It comes in a variety of flavors, but the ones I tried were strawberry and mango.

I think the ingredients list on the back of these bottles is pretty telling.

The strawberry includes: Filtered water, sugar, pectin, strawberries, full flower cannabis extract.

The mango’s list is even shorter: Filtered water, sugar, mango, full flower cannabis extract.

Why does that matter? I mean, I guess I don’t pay attention to how many ingredients are in my other medicines. Except on Straiin’s syrup, it means the flavors are going to be real fruit and the effects are going to be full flower.


THC may be the star of Team Cannabis, but it’s still a team effort. THC distillates leave behind a lot of important chemicals that both support and enhance its effectiveness. Remember CBD? There’s a whole mess of major cannabinoid acids working together to create beneficial medical effects.

Whereas a purely THC distillate might cause dizziness and disorientation, full flower means those are balanced out with complementary chemicals for a smoother, more pleasant experience.

The strawberry sativa THC syrup, which gets its potency from the Okie Thunder strain, was a perfect daytime experience.

The head high had a mild spacy feeling to it, but overall it had the pleasant buzz of a highly caffeinated morning. Throughout the body, the effects were a gentle tingle in the arms and legs and an overall lightness that feels a bit like floating.

Best of all, the creative juices really get going with the sativa syrup. It’s a very peppy mental experience, whether writing or having a conversation, that makes it ideal for daytime use. It’s a very social feeling, which could make it good for patients with social anxiety disorders.

The only drawback effect, so far as I can tell, is dry mouth (which is always a good reminder to stay hydrated). It doesn’t have a lot of impact on hunger that I noticed.

The mango indica THC syrup was, again, one of the best-tasting edible syrup experiences I’ve had. It really tastes like mango because there’s really mango in it.

This syrup uses Purple Punch full flower cannabis extract, pulling from a strain known for relaxing, stress-melting, sleep-inducing effects.

The effects come in about 35-45 minutes after ingesting the syrup. It begins with the headband effect, which is a slight pressure around the forehead, and a gentle heaviness of the limbs. There’s a pleasant numbness that lingers when you get up for a drink. Before long, that weight will push you from sitting to lying down, sinking further into the numbing sensation. This is where the syrup would work well for pain management and anxiety, as the heaviness of the limbs begins to spread to the brain.

Finally, when it comes, sleep comes down like a hammer. There’s no drifting off. It’s just a sudden stop and then the next morning you’re awake and rested.

Both the sativa and indica syrups are available in lots of other flavors and also in two strengths: 250 mg and 500 mg. This is something I love to see, because finding the right dose in edibles can be very difficult. Syrups are pretty much the ideal in getting to precisely measure the dose that works for you.

To help you hone in on the dose you want, here are a few measurements:

In each Tbsp of 250 mg syrup, patients get ~31.5 mg THC.

In each Tbsp of 500 mg syrup, patients get ~62.5 mg THC.

If you’re a patient with a high tolerance, the 500 mg bottle is great, because it packs in a lot of potency. But for those who don’t need as much, the 250 mg bottle is much easier to use for finding the right size dose.

As with all edibles, the effects of Straiin’s Premium THC Syrup take a little while to kick in, so give it some time before you re-up your dose. I found activation time was approximately 45 minutes, with a slowly growing head high as the first signal of the Sativa syrup working and an onset of drowsiness heralding the arrival of the Indica syrup.

Final Thoughts

Straiin’s Premium THC Syrup blew me away. The flavors were perfect, thanks to the use of real fruit, with no need to mix it into Sprite or any other drink to enjoy it. (That said, I bet mixing it into ice cream for a milkshake would be the bomb.)

But more important than the taste is the effectiveness. These syrups are potent and well-designed for patients who need full-spectrum medical marijuana but can’t smoke. That they also taste great just makes them all the better.

Choose your potency wisely and, unless your tolerance is already sky high, start with a 250 mg THC bottle and begin dozing at quarter or half Tbsp.

Strawberry Effects

Head high

Body tingles

Creativity humming with slight distractedness

General lightness

Dry mouth

Mango Effects

Dry mouth

Deep body pain relief

Drowsiness followed by instant sleep

Thanks again to Bloom Healthcare Inc. for sponsoring these #WeedEater posts. If you’re interested in talking to a physician about medical marijuana, visit bloomdoctors.com.

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