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Unicorn Brunch at The Other Room


I Ate Oklahoma is brought to you in part by:

This is not a food review.

“Honey, come read this. I think this weird restaurant guy is about to crack.”

Thanks, unnecessarily antagonistic reader I keep imagining. I can write about non-food things, you know. I have a journalism degree. I could probably competently cover a small town planning commission meeting or write about eighth grade JV soccer, if called upon.

I won’t do those things, because I did them a long time ago and they’re boring. But I could do them. Maybe.

Glittery cotton candy and a unicorn's head? Check.

No, this is not a food review, because I don’t need to review the food at The Other Room’s Unicorn Brunch. I’ve already reviewed it. You might remember it as “Brunch at Picasso Cafe.”

(If you don’t remember it, or even if you just want to look back fondly on that time I wrote about a coat made of cats that protects me from wizards, go ahead and read it. I’ll wait.)



The Other Room shares a kitchen with Picasso Cafe, so when brunch rolls around, they serve the absolutely insanely delicious food you can get at Picasso Cafe.

There are plenty of reasons to choose The Other Room on a Sunday morning, especially if you are of legal drinking age. Picasso’s brunch is popular. Not “girl in high school who was mean to you” popular, but “girl in high school who turned being mean to you into a wildly successful religion and a series of movies starring Timothée Chalamet” popular.

Get a reservation, because it’s going to be packed. That’s an every week promise.

Bon vivant and all-around fun lady Phi Nguyen with a $5 frose

The Other Room has two things going for it:

1. Not everybody can go there, because of age restrictions.

2. Not everybody knows it exists.

But you know. You know so hard. And now that you know that, you are ready for the third thing The Other Room has going for it: Unicorns.

Every Sunday (at least through Oct. 28) from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., The Other Room goes full-on glitter balls to the wall with Unicorn Brunch. An inflatable unicorn out front. Unicorn hats and balloons inside. It’s not quite like Lisa Frank blew up inside the bar, but it’s definitely glittery and festive.

Aerialist meets server.

There are also drink specials, which adds to the party atmosphere, because the only thing more fun than adults wearing unicorn hats is drunk adults wearing unicorn hats.

Kindt Steven Myers is the brains behind the weekly event and he’s the one who keeps upping the ante every week with more and weirder stuff.

The week I went, it was an aerialist. And if you’ve ever been in The Other Room, you know how completely ridiculous/awesome it was.

Here’s the thing: The Other Room is a shotgun space, very narrow, and generally the opposite of expansive. So hoisting an aerialist up to the ceiling on silks and having them spin around and up and down every which way within just a few feet of diners and staff is bonkers in a very fun way. You can’t avoid it, which means you can’t ignore it, which means you must interact with it. And once you’re into it, there’s nothing to do but enjoy it for the bizarre spectacle it is.

My hope is that Unicorn Brunch continues unabated into the future. OKC needs a glittery, glitzy, deeply weird brunch and it’s even better that you can enjoy the same dynamite Picasso menu items while you’re there.

But on the off chance that October is the last month for it, you probably ought to call (405) 602-2002 and reserve a table for your friends in the next couple of weeks.

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