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That's a Great Burger: Burger Pig at Parlor


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Oklahoma loves its hamburgers. I ought to know, since the majority of questions I receive (after the obligatory, “WHO INVITED YOU!?”) have to do with where to get the best burger in town. 

Trying to do a round-up of excellent burgers is a fool’s errand (as this fool well knows) because there are always several that get left off. So instead of trying to do everything all at once, I’m going to bring you top-notch burgers as I find them.

City Pig from Burger Pig

Burger Pig


11 NE Sixth St.

City Pig Burger - $9

I love talking burgers with burger people, because no one appreciates the skill it takes to make a truly wonderful burger like the folks who are striving to make their own truly wonderful burgers. 

All that to say, I was talking with the dude at New State Burgers & Spirits (which will claim a spot in this feature in the new year) about this Golden Age of Burgers we’re experiencing and I wasn’t even a little shy about my love for Burger Pig. 

Chef Timothy Abell might be manning a hot griddle at Burger Pig (inside Parlor) for most of his day, but he’s still earned that honorific as well as anybody at a white tablecloth-maitre d’-tasting menu spot and he’s doing it with burgers. 

I’d usually say, “Take the City Pig…” here, but I don’t want you to take it. I want you to order it, pay for it, and then be called away on an emergency that turns out to be no big deal (I don’t wish ill upon you) so that you have to leave your City Pig behind for me to eat, because I love this burger. 

Abell is using dry-aged beef, which may seem like a buzzword, but it only takes a taste for you to understand the difference. There is a richness and an intensity of flavor in this beef that is, honestly, unmatched in OKC. He could probably serve it dry and I’d still be enamoured with it, but instead it’s served on a pillowy soft clamshell bun, just a hair bigger than a slider, with a slice of sharp cheddar, a pile of caramelized onions, a bed of arugula for peppery bite, and a creamy aioli. 

Do yourself a very big favor: either order two of these or consciously slow your eating speed, because you’ll want to shove the whole thing in your mouth. Don’t. This burger deserves to be savored. Appreciated. Possibly even harassed. 

There are other excellent burgers on Burger Pig’s menu...though he’s keeping the menu very lean at the moment, and I appreciate it. The eponymous Burger Pig burger is also wonderful and includes chorizo for an added kick of flavor and spice, but it’s not like “hot.” It’s just very tasty. Honestly, we’ve got a ton of burgers to get through for this feature, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Burger Pig on here again a few times.

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