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Taste of Asia 2017


I Ate Oklahoma is brought to you in part by:

The Asia Society of Oklahoma sent me a press release, which I have summarized below, but before we get to that, let me tell you a bit about the Taste of Asia, coming Sept. 16.Every year, the 15 member organizations of ASO get together for a feast that no foodie wants to miss. Taste of Asia gathers not only the locally well-known cuisines of China, Japan and Vietnam, but also serves food from Indonesia, Iran, Laos and others prepared by the people who know and love the food best.Anyone serious about truly authentic dining can either fly all over Asia or stop in for one magical afternoon of eating in Oklahoma City. (There are other options, but I like these two.)The food is the main draw, but don't overlook the power of learning about other cultures as a way to learn about the world around you. Not to get all touchy-feely, but there's something wonderful about putting a human face to different countries that are sometimes in the news for less-than-happy reasons.There are good people in Iran, Japan, Korea and every nation on Earth, just like there are good people in Oklahoma. I implore you to learn about your global neighbors and think of them the next time you hear someone say, "Bomb 'em all and let God sort 'em out."We're better people than that and so are they. Meet people, eat their delicious foods and have a nice time.Here's the info:ASO hosts the Taste of Asia 2017 Sept. 16 at Mayfair Church of Christ, 2340 NW 50th St. Taste of Asia is open to the public and the tickets are $20 for guests 13 years and older, $15 for ages 6-12 years and free for 5 years and under. The food tasting begins at 5:30 p.m. with entertainment to follow with cultural performances from the ASO pageant winners. All Taste of Asia 2017 tickets sales go to the ASO Inc. Scholarship, to be awarded in November at the Award of Excellence Banquet. If you need tickets, please call these ticket agents in your area:Ira Burrough - (405) 819-3652 - SW OKC & N. Classen area Anil Singh - (405) 317-3772 - Edmond areaYoung Min - (405) 826-8492 - Edmond areaFred Alavi - (405) 760-2637 - NW OKCMeChele Vongphakdy - (405) 415-5600 - N.W OKC areaEsther Moore - (405) 525-2882 - NW OKC Minh Do - (405) 414-7830 - Norman area.  

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