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Saturday Morning Cartoons at The R&J


I Ate Oklahoma is brought to you in part by:

No one will ever accuse The R&J Lounge and Supper Club of being boring.

While the concept of a supper club might be foreign to most people my age (or even my parents’ age), this bar has always been a reliable home for crowd-pleasing comfort food dishes and stiff, old-school cocktails. Best of all, the concept was born out of Ludivine — one of the city and state’s consensus best restaurants.

The shotgun space inside is frequently filled to capacity with boozy revelers and the same goes for the Astroturf-ed covered patio. You can definitely have a quiet drink there...but as the evening grows darker, the mood gets sillier and the party really starts.

As a favor to those who stay until closing time, R&J began opening for brunch, which quickly became a party of its own.

So it’s little wonder that the R&J crew have come up with another outlandish idea to make brunch even cooler: Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Each week, the bar will show some “classic” cartoons (think ’80s and ’90s) while serving up a new and wonderful kind of cocktail.

Boozy Breakfast Cereals are $8 each and they come by the bowl...cereal included.

Lucky boy that I am, R&J invited me out to try these tipsy treats AND program a day of cartoons for you to watch. The cocktails will be available weekly, but my truly lame selection of cartoons will only be playing on Saturday, June 9.

The Drinks

First things first, Boozy Breakfast Cereals ARE cocktails. They’re full-strength drinks that are extended with milk to make them more compatible with the cereals. So before you go crazy, please figure out which one of your friends is going to DD your Saturday Morning Drunk butt home.

There are five varieties of BBCs, but let’s start with my personal favorite: The Grasshopper.

The Grasshopper with Cocoa Puffs

R&J’s have damn near perfected their version of The Grasshopper, which is one of the bar’s signature cocktails, but I’d argue this is even better.

You get a mix of brandy, creme de menthe, creme de cacao and mint chocolate chip ice cream, extended with milk and topped with a hearty helping of Cocoa Puffs.

This tastes exactly like Thin Mints. I could barely detect any boozy flavor. This one is just pure joy. It’s the drink equivalent of being licked by several adorable puppies at once.

If you prefer a bit of a kick to your cocktails, the Milk Punch is just what you need. Applejack brandy has plenty of heat and pairs not-so-surprisingly well with Applejacks cereal. Mix in milk and more nutmeg and you’ve got some breakfast with bite.

Eggnog and Corn Pops

Another personal favorite of mine is the Eggnog, which comes extended with milk and topped with Corn Pops. This is just a delight. It’s like Christmas morning with that uncle who let you try some of his “adult” eggnog. Because there’s nothing like being tipsy and unwrapping a pile of G.I. Joes.

The White Russian is better than most you’ll find, thanks to a blend of vodka and house-made coffee liqueur mixed with cream, milk and...Froot Loops. Originally it was Trix, but they led to a big sour finish, while the Froot Loops let the coffee flavor shine through and ended with a fruity sweetness.

White Russian with Froot Loops

I predict the Brandy Alexander will be a big seller, if for no other reason than people really love Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It holds onto its brandy booziness, but with the addition of toasted cinnamon to the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, you get a lovely burst of spice on the back end.  

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