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OKC Chef on "Guy's Grocery Games" airing Jan. 7

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If chef Beth Ann Lyon’s name isn’t familiar to you yet, that might change this weekend.

Oklahoma City has been in a culinary love affair with Beth for years. She’s a graduate of the Coach House Apprenticeship Program, which trained many of the city’s best chefs. Her resume includes stints at Kitchen No. 324, Provision Kitchen, Irma’s Burger Shack, Anchor Down and, most recently, putting together the menu at The Press.

While working at Provision Kitchen, Beth became enamoured with vegan cooking.

“Ugh. Vegan? No thanks.”

Haha, yeah, shut up, because Beth doesn’t cook anything but delicious food.

She recently took my taste buds on a whirlwind trip around my chakras with a vegan dinner at Urban Teahouse.

This Sunday (Jan. 7), Beth will be making her Food Network debut as a contestant on "Guy’s Grocery Games" at 8 p.m. The episode is “Clash of the Classics.”

Guy Fieri turns back the clocks in Flavortown and throws back to the dishes we all grew up on. First, he asks the chefs to update a classic dish in a Retro Re-dux using limited ingredients. Then, the chefs must choose which ingredients they want to feature in their regional retro dish from Guy's infamous sample tables. Finally, the remaining two chefs decide what kind of dish they're going to make with the help of Guy's retro refrigerator magnets. In the end, only one chef will go on to shop Flavortown for up to $20,000.

The show is a little bit like “Chopped” in that chefs are eliminated in each round, and a bit like “Supermarket Sweep” since they’re running around with grocery carts doing their own shopping.

The final event is a shopping spree for 10 items, each worth $2,000.

IAO: How did you get hooked up with Food Network?

Beth: Food Network found me on Twitter and called Anchor Down or The Mule looking for me. I was actually consulting for them on The Press at the time. After some Skype interviews they asked me to do the show and I flew out to Santa Rosa.

IAO: What was Guy Fieri like?

Beth: He was super chill and super down to earth and awesome. He genuinely wanted to make sure we were taken care of. He was super awesome.

IAO: Will you do more stuff on Food Network?

Beth: I hope so. I made some super-awesome connections with the staff. You know me. I was just blowing people up with positive vibes.

IAO: Do you have a big watch party planned?

Beth: Oh, man. I have a 50-person brunch catering that morning, but I might invite some people over to watch.

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