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Monthly Features - October 2018


I Ate Oklahoma is brought to you in part by:

Oh crap, I forgot to wake you when September came. So sorry, sincerely. It’s October and that means all your favorite restaurants are rolling out delicious monthly features that you can only enjoy this month. Seriously, do not go buy any of this food, freeze it, wait until November and try to reheat it. It’s not just that the logistics are insane, but you’re legally barred from enjoying October’s monthly features in any of the other 11 months. Don’t blame me; it’s ABLE.

This page will update as I get to a few more spots with monthly features. In the meantime, chill down bro. You can’t eat all of this stuff in one sitting anyway. I’ve tried and if either of us could do it, it’d be me.

Tokyo Japanese Restaurant


October Special - $14.95

Are you ready for a big, delicious mess? Sushi rolls tend to go from very basic to overwhelmingly complex in a blink of an eye, but Tokyo’s October Special could be called a Goldilocks Roll, because it’s just right. Inside is salmon, asparagus, mayo and sesame seeds — the salmon carries the flavor, while the asparagus and sesame seeds add a good crunch and pop. Outside you get a layer of avocado topped with yellowtail, sweet eel sauce, smelt roe (those tiny orange fish eggs) and scallions. I can’t pick out the yellowtail’s flavor the same way I can salmon, but it’s also struggling to balance with the avocado, which adds a richness. Same for the eel sauce, which has a gentle sweetness.

But if you’re asking, “Should I eat this?” Then, yeah, you should. If you like rolls with lots of flavors, this is your thing. It’s tasty and texturally interesting and I ate it without mercy, which is how I do most things.

S&B’s Burger Joint


Frankenburger - $10

Are you ready for a big, delicious mess? Yes, I’m using that again. Because when the Frankenburger arrives at your table, you will understand.

You’re getting a half-pound burger patty topped with grilled ham, melted Swiss cheese and a fried egg. (Be sure to ask for it runny if you want it runny. Mine was a little more done than I prefer, but I didn’t specify.)

The bun is slathered in garlic Parmesan cream cheese and they stack on the usual lettuce and tomato to boot. It’s massive. I shouldn’t have tried lifting it without wearing back support. And it’s so messy, it should come with either a side of fries or a shower. I loved it.

Pie Junkie


Orange Bourbon Pecan - $4.50 per slice, $24 whole pie

I’m never mad at good pecan pie, but good pecan pie has nothing on this slice. The bourbon adds a lovely warm spice to the traditional creamy, goopy, sugar-y interior. The top is wall-to-wall pecans, which — I don’t know how you feel about pecans, but I want to roll around on a bed with them like I’m in some kind of tree nut version of “Indecent Proposal.” The orange comes on last, with a rich, citrusy note that rounds the edges off the bourbon flavor and keeps the pie from going overly sweet.

They have maple-bourbon whipped cream, as well, and you should get that on your pie. Heck, if you can arrange it, get it on your tombstone. That’s a lasting legacy.

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