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Monthly Features - January 2019


I Ate Oklahoma is brought to you in part by:

Half the month is already gone, because time is both a flat circle and also something I’m terrible at managing. But! I can’t let January go without giving you that most beloved(?) of IAO’s monthly features: The Monthly Features feature.

Yes, it’s time to delve into the delicious dishes we get for one month only. You’ve got two weeks left! Hop to it, bunnies.

Have a monthly feature I don’t know about? Send me an email at greg@iateoklahoma.com and I’ll add them to the list.

Tokyo Japanese Restaurant


January Special - $13

Am I wrong, or did Tokyo make their January special a kind of tuna salad burrito? I mean, you get four pieces of rice paper-wrapped sushi filled with toro (super-delicious fatty tuna from the belly), spring mix, tomato, some of the creamiest avocado I’ve had in a minute and a drizzle of balsamic mayo that has a hint of ginger.

Some monthly features are good, but I get the feeling I’ll be asking the folks at Tokyo to hook me up with a January Special for the rest of 2019. Especially given the weather, having something so fresh and juicy and Spring-y was a pleasant surprise.

S&B’s Burger Joint


Chili Lime Burger - $10

With a menu as expansive (and, at this point, long-lived) as S&B’s, there has to be some turnover, or else you end up with The Cheesecake Factory menu as written by David Foster Wallace.

But not all who are gone should stay lost. So this month, S&B’s brought back one of their originals as the Burger of the Month: the Chili Lime.

I loved it as a slider, but this full-sized monster was perfect. You get a half pound beef patty topped with a grilled cheddar crisp, roasted chili sauce, avocado cream and chili-lime slaw stuck inside one very lucky bun.

Get your napkins ready, because this one is messy. And careful picking it up, as the tender Angus patty literally fell apart on me after the first bite. Don’t you worry, kids: I soldiered on and basically made a pig of myself, as always. Best of all, $1 from each Chili Lime sold this month goes to a very worthy cause at Kids Joining Eternity.

Pie Junkie


Red Velvet Cream - $4.50 per slice, $24 whole pie

I about cracked up when I saw Pie Junkie’s monthly feature was my old nemesis, Red Velvet. As a kid, my brother LOVED red velvet cake and I LOVED chocolate cake, but for two or three years in a row, my mom kept getting confused on my birthday and got me red velvet...but didn’t forget on Jerry’s birthday, so I had more red velvet.

That said, the Red Velvet Cream pie is a lot more like someone spooning creamy chilled hot chocolate on a crumbly chocolate crust into my mouth and, not to get weird, but that’s 100 percent what I’m into...ladies. /awkwardwinkemoji.exe

It’s crazy rich, but not so much that you won’t be able to finish a slice and decide to buy the rest of the pie to take home.

The Miller Grill


January Specials Menu

Shoutout to The Miller Grill owner Jason Mccormack for teaming up with The Flying Pig BBQ owner David Greggs on a bevy of over-the-top specials for January. I'm not saying these should be illegal, but I think a grand jury should be empaneled nonetheless.

The Healthy Pig ($7.99) is a version of Greggs' stuffed loaded avocado from the food truck, with pulled pork, melted cheese, coleslaw and sauce on top. But I'm drooling at the thought of the Smokey Pig Nachos ($11.99) featuring The Miller Grill's fresh fried chips, pulled pork, cherry BBQ sauce and some of the best queso you've had in your life.

You should be going to The Miller Grill regularly anyway, but these January Specials can't be missed.

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