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Monthly Features - Feb. 2018

I Ate Oklahoma is brought to you in part by:

“I can’t believe I missed it!”

Each month, restaurants across the metro introduce new features that are available for a limited time. Since it’s hard to get to every restaurant in the city every month, I’ve taken the liberty of collecting all the monthly features I can right here for your perusal.

Have a monthly feature I don’t know about? Send me an email at greg@iateoklahoma.com and I’ll add them to the list.

Did you try one of the specials? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Clarity Coffee

Red Tea Latte - $4.50

“What a rush!” is something you probably won’t say when drinking Clarity’s February special Red Tea Latte. That’s because the rooibos tea used in the drink is not technically a tea and doesn’t technically have any caffeine. But will you technically love it? You’ll be technically freaking ecstatic about it, is my guess. This warm beverage has a sweet, spicy floral flavor that is intensely delicious and smooth as a baby’s pick-up line: “Up?”

Damn, babies. Save some for the rest of us.

Elemental Coffee

Cookie Cortado - $4.50

Awesome bros Elena Hughes and Michelle Bui at Elemental Coffee designed this pair of specials. The cookie cortado belongs to Bui, who uses cookie milk to soften the edges of the bold espresso drink. The mild bitterness of the drink fades quickly against the subtle sweetness of the cookie-infused milk.

This isn’t a sweet drink. Don’t go in expecting a mocha frappluchadore. What you will get is a burst of tasty coffee that gives way to a hint of sugar and cream.

Orange Clove Latte - $5

The bolder of the two drinks comes from Hughes, who uses orange clove syrup and chocolate bitters in the flavorful latte. What’s nice about it is that the added ingredients don’t overpower the coffee; they enhance it. Clove is a powerful additive, as anyone who’s been near a clove cigarette can attest. It could easily drown out the espresso, but instead it gives your taste buds a tickle with a pinch of spice. One sip and you’ll be eager to finish the whole cup.

Also, there’s a little gingersnap on the side. It’s a heckuva cookie. Really wonderful.

Perk Place Cafe

Stupid Cupid - 12 oz. for $3.79, 16 oz. for $4.60 (hot), 16 oz. for $4.33 (cold) 20 oz. cold for $4.87

Enjoy February by celebrating the God of Erotic Love with the Stupid Cupid latte (either hot or iced) at Perk Place Cafe.

The white chocolate latte is spiked with raspberry syrup, topped with pink whipped cream and drizzled with more white chocolate for a verrrrrry sweet beverage. Between the iced and the hot, I preferred the hot version. The iced latte came across a little watery, which you might like if you’re trying to tamp down on the sweetness.

Oak & Ore

Platanos y Pollos - $10

Tuesdays starting at 5 p.m., Oak & Ore serves up fried chicken and beer. The menu changes monthly. In January, it was Nashville-style hot chicken. This month it’s a Caribbean/Guatemalan dish of spice-rubbed fried chicken and plantain chips.

When I say it’s spicy, I don’t mean it’s hot. The chicken is intensely flavorful, but it’s not hot. The heavy spice rub coats the chicken skin, creating a crispy (but not crunchy) layer of delicious tastes on top of tender, juicy chicken.

By the way, be sure to get the dark meat. Legs and thighs are the best part of the chicken, anyway, but the fattier dark meat is especially good when paired with these spices. Plus, the chicken is more likely to be moist. White meat tends to dry out quickly.

The plantains chips are also very nice. Quite thick, but still crisp, it’s an added treat. But let’s be honest: you’re going for the chicken. And it’s definitely chicken worth making a special trip to try.

Pie Junkie

Thin Mint Pie - $4.50 per slice, $24 for a whole pie

Last year, Pie Junkie sent a lucky Girl Scout to Disneyland (or World or on some kind of big prize vacation) because they bought so many cookies for their delectable February treat: Thin Mint Pie.

“Why so many cookies?” you might ask. Because every pie contains an entire box of cookies.

The crust is crushed Thin Mints. Then there’s chocolate ganache. Mint-tinged chocolate cream. Whipped cream. More crushed Thin Mints on top.

It’s one of the most addictive Girl Scout cookies in pie form and, like everything Pie Junkie does, it’s perfect. It’s sweet, it tingles the taste buds, it’s creamy and crunchy and wonderful. Also like everything Pie Junkie does, I don’t really need to convince you to try this. I assume you’re already driving there no-WATCH OUT!

Seriously, stop reading and driving. Wait until you’re parked, at least.

S&B’s Burger Joints

Pizza Burger - $10

I made my friends laugh when I described S&B’s Pizza Burger as “finally getting it right.” I guess they haven’t been besieged by as many attempts at a pizza burger as I’ve been, but people have been trying to crack this code for a while. S&B’s is the first crave-worthy version I’ve had.

It starts off with an excellent half-pound beef patty, which is pretty standard at S&B’s. They don’t make a bad burger. It’s kind of their thing.

But on top of that burger are mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, a mix of pepperoni, red and green peppers and red onions and an absolutely amazing roma tomato sauce with big pieces of fresh basil. Then they serve all of that on a garlic-heavy brioche bun. It’s rill good. Rill rill good.

Pizza Fries - $8

The Pizza Fries take a slightly different tack, putting the roma sauce on the side for dipping and instead smothering the fries in a Parmesan-cream sauce topped with pepperoni, sausage, peppers and onions. You will need to eat these with a) a fork or b) someone who doesn’t care that you have pizza fries smeared all over your face. Ideally both.

There are more Monthly Features on the way, so keep checking back. I just wanted to get these up now so you can start tasting them before the month is up.

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