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Monthly Features - April 2018

I Ate Oklahoma is brought to you in part by:

The feature that features monthly features monthly is coming in like a lion eating a lamb or some such nonsense.

Every month, restaurants across this city introduce new, limited-time-only features that you might not know about if you’re a normal person. Luckily for you, I am not normal. I’m barely even a person!

Do you know of a monthly feature I missed? Electronic mail me your suggestion to greg@iateoklahoma.com.

Pie Junkie


Thunder Pie - $4.50 per slice, $26 for a whole pie

I’ll be honest...orange mousse didn’t sound that appetizing. But this is Pie Junkie we’re talking about. I’ve yet to have a pie from Leslie and Darcy’s shop that didn’t blow my away.

Thunder Pie starts with a graham cracker crust, topped in a thick layer of creamy, airy orange mousse and finished with whole blueberries that have been rolled in rock sugar.

Orange can be a very assertive flavor, but in Thunder Pie it is a delicate citrus-y burst at the edges of a decadently creamy filling. The graham cracker crust is solid, which one needs with a very delicate payload, and the blueberries on top were the perfect pop of crunchy sweetness.

No matter how far the Thunder go in the playoffs, this pie is a score goal bucket worth several behind-the-line points of sport.

S&B’s Burger Joints


The Alamo Burger - $10

Alamo Fries - $7

Last month was the Texan. This month it’s The Alamo. Are you trying to tell us something, S&B’s?

The Alamo Burger surprised me by being the kind of burger my son will eat. Yes, while the teachers are marching for a much-needed return of education funding, my son is tagging along on my food adventures. While he’s been fairly picky in the past, he instantly attacked this half-pound burger covered in a mix of sweet grilled corn and diced peppers. They stay in place thanks to the sticky qualities of S&B’s avocado queso, which also holds onto some fried tortilla strips that add a nice textural contrast. For dressing, they put jalapeno ranch on the bun. Yowza.

Best of all, $1 of every purchase of The Alamo Burger goes to Infant Crisis Services, which is an extremely worthy cause. Even if you’re not in the mood for a burger, you should donate to ICS.

I wasn’t quite as enamoured with the Alamo Fries, but I think it’s because the fries didn’t have that same savory base as the burger. The fries have everything that’s on the burger, along with some diced grilled chicken, but I just preferred it as a sandwich. Your mileage may vary.

Clarity Coffee


Carrot cake latte - $5.25

There’s actual carrot in the carrot cake latte from Clarity Coffee. But even the vegetable averse will love this mildly sweet take on a spring cake. There’s no cream cheese frosting, which I wouldn’t mind, but you still get that warm spice blend and vibrant orange color. A tip from the baristas — stir it up, so the carrots don’t all sink to the bottom.

Elemental Coffee


Kopi Klaut - $5

Espresso Hibiscus Mule - $4.50

Kopi Klaut’s name translates to “coffee cloud” in the language of Papua New Guinea, from whence the coffee in this cold beverage hails. The base of the drink is a mix of iced Aeropressed coffee with an Earl Grey simply syrup. The “cloud” on top is a whip of egg white, lime juice, orange bitters and Earl Grey syrup. The result is a comfortingly sweet little shot with a floral bouquet.

The espresso hibiscus mule is about as straightforward in title as can be. Mix a shot of espresso with Maine Root ginger beer and hibiscus flowers and top with a mint garnish. The espresso will keep you awake well after the initial jolt of ginger heat from beer. ZING! It’s a deliciously refreshing spring drink.

Leaf + Bean


Cookie milk latte - $5

An iced latte is already a glorious thing when Oklahoma days begin getting hotter (which, I fear, will be very soon), but this drink adds a bit of sugar and spice with milk that’s infused with Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Yeah. It’s an adult beverage with a generous burst of your childhood included. Served over ice, it’s a perfect antidote to long, hot days. It’s not strictly an April feature, but don’t sleep on this coffee. Who knows how long it will last?

There are more Monthly Features on the way, so keep checking back. I just wanted to get these up now so you can start tasting them before the month is up.

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