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Introducing...The Whisky Phone


I Ate Oklahoma is brought to you in part by:

Ludivine has always been ahead of the curve in the Oklahoma City food scene. Granted the words "Oklahoma City food scene" were an oxymoron not so long ago, but in less than a decade, the restaurant has become a shining light of what Oklahoma chefs are doing right.

Now, the Bar at Ludivine is looking into the future...by about 30-45 minutes.

Owner Russ Johnson installed The Whisky Phone — a private number that select patrons can use to call ahead and have their favorite whisky decanted in advance of their arrival — to provide the optimal drink service. The first round of lucky number holders will be guests at Ludivine's Highland Scotch Tour: Glenmorangie Dinner April 3. Tickets are $120 and include a four-course meal with drink pairings and a take-home gift of a bottle of single-malt 10-year Glenmorangie Scotch.


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