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Dining Dirty with Bad in Bed Live!


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Local author, raconteur and bon vivant Shelby Simpson has done something few of us have ever attempted before: translating a book about sexual misadventures into a sing-along stage production featuring ’90s rap.

I mean, we’ve all thought of it before. Nary a one of us has looked at our second published book without immediately thinking, “This belongs in a theater.” But she went and DID IT, guys.  

Starting Aug. 16, you can see the fruits of her labor as Bad in Bed Live! makes its debut at the Tower Theatre.

Bad in Bed Live! runs for six shows over the course of four nights and you can get tickets at the Theatre box office, Citizens Bank of Edmond or by clicking this link.

“We’re All Bad in Bed” is Simpson’s follow-up to her 2015 debut “Good Globe,” a hilarious collection of stories from her decade spent traveling the world.

As with all interviews, the first question had to be perfect. So I asked her: What in god’s name were you thinking?

“I’m thinking I just want to have some fun,” Simpson said. “I’m thinking I want a larger platform for my storytelling.”

But the show has grown beyond a collection of stories. It is not “The Vagina Monologues.” (She even assured me there will not be a large, talking vagina on stage.)

“I’m really building the show I want to see,” she said. That means audience participation, funny, raw dialogue and sexy dancers working it to ’90s hip hop.

“It’s a good mix of everything to keep you going and to keep you guessing.”

While Bad In Bed Live! tackles some taboo subject matter, it’s not a downer, Simpson said. There are deeper themes and layered messaging, but it’s “pure funsies.”

“I’m challenging audiences not to take themselves so seriously for a night,” she said. “Take off your politically correct hat. And the rest of your clothes.”

Just as she’s hoping the show will cause some introspection among the audience, putting it together has Simpson asking herself a lot of tough questions.

“There have been moments of, ‘What am I doing?’” she said. “Is this good enough? Is this even good, period? I’ve definitely have some imposter syndrome.”

She needn’t worry. Those who have seen the show have given lots of positive feedback and, if it’s anything like her books, audiences will likely leave the Tower Theatre with abs aching from laughter and possibly other sore parts, depending on how turned on they get.

At this point you’re probably asking, “Isn’t I Ate Oklahoma a food site?”

Of course it is. So let’s talk about where to eat before and after you see Bad in Bed Live! for the first and possibly fourth time.

The easiest spots to hit are the ones in the Tower Theatre. And, lucky us, they’re some of the most suggestive, too.

Bad in Bed Live! Filthy Fare

If you want to wrap your mouth around some meat, look no further than Scottie’s Deli. Whether you’re in the mood for a hunk of smoked beef or a delicious weiner, Scottie’s has what you need and then some.

Or maybe you’re more into buns, hon? In that case, let your greedy hands squeeze on some of the tasty buns at UR/BUN. You can even get crabs...in a steamed bun...if that’s what you need to scratch your itch.

If you’re looking for a good place to liquor...up, might I suggest The Pump Bar? In addition to some wonderful inhibition-lifting cocktails, it’s a great place to grab several bites to eat. Try not to choke when you get that Philly cheese steak with beer cheese in your mouth. It’s big and creamy and worth the effort.

You know, oysters are considered an aphrodisiac, so perhaps you can ramp up your libido with a visit to The Drake. With several different varieties from which to choose, you’re sure to find something you want to slurp down.

Be sure to show your O face to the folks at Guyutes when you take a bite of the Fishman “O” Rings, right before you go face first into a place of Phish tacos. Maybe wash it down with a can of COOP Horny Toad, or any of the other beers at the bar.

If you’re in more of a barbecue mood, you can always slip in the rear entrance of Back Door BBQ. Chow down on the Hot Mess Burger or maybe just enjoy a big helping of smoked sausage before heading back to the Tower.


If you wake up the next day aching from all the filthy action the night before, your body is clearly begging for the sweet relief only a breakfast burrito can provide. The venerable Big Truck Tacos has plenty to offer on that front. Revel in The Full Monty — a plate of chilaquiles with spicy chorizo sausage — or grab the Mother Trucker Plate for a truly satisfying end to a night of fun.

Tickets for the show are going fast, so be sure to reserve yours here.

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