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Fusion Kitchen Brunch


I Ate Oklahoma is brought to you in part by:

::Fusion Kitchen plans brunches sporadically. Keep an eye on their social media for upcoming brunches.::

We tend to eat the food that’s close to us. In the kitchen is probably best, from a health and money standpoint, but many of us frequent the same set of nearby eateries. It’s not that those are “the best,” necessarily, but they’re in a good proximity and they’re comfortable.

Honestly, sometimes it’s just nice to eat something with no surprises.

My job requires a bit more exploration, but I’m just as guilty. Places that are close or familiar are just easier, especially when I’m trying to feed kids.

But if you ask me which restaurants I’m happy to drive to, the list will always include Fusion Kitchen in Del City. This tiny stripmall restaurant serves amazing Indian cuisine daily and it’s always changing, thanks to a truly staggering number of homestyle curries cooked daily by Ruhi Patel. I won’t go into it here because I’ve already gone into it here.

So it was with great excitement that I got an invitation from Ruhi’s husband Rupal to come to a Saturday brunch at the restaurant.

But it is with even greater excitement that I am now inviting you to go to Fusion Kitchen for brunch on April 28. 

And, if we’re all very good boys and girls, there is a chance Fusion Kitchen will make this a regular thing. I do not know how to express how jubilant this makes me feel, so I will turn to this era’s finest method of communication: the gif.

The Food

So, here’s what I ate and what you could eat if you call up Fusion Kitchen and get a spot at the brunch. Yes, you must pay in advance. Yes, it is worth it.

You are served your choice of mango lassi smoothie or hot chai tea. I am a fervent fan of the mango lassi smoothie and if you haven’t had one yet, it’s what you should get. That said, I got the chai tea, because caffeine. It was 10 a.m. on a Saturday and as excited as I was to eat Indian brunch, my body was equally excited about curling up into a ball and sleeping right then and there.

Out comes the plate.

Curried scrambled eggs

Perhaps my favorite of all the tastes we got that day (I kidnapped Paul and Liz Zimmerman and forced them to pretend to enjoy my company) was curried scrambled eggs.

I love curry in almost everything, so it bothers me that it never occured to me before how good curry could be with just eggs. The fat of the yolk is a great base for the spice, which was more floral than hot. I could have eaten an entire pan of these and still go back for more.

The potato-stuffed paratha was a big hit. As someone who generally doesn’t feel like it’s truly breakfast if I didn’t eat a biscuit, I was pleasantly surprised by this spicy treat.

Upma. Yeah, I didn't know what it was at first, either.

The bread was tender and pliant, but the potatoes inside were hiding the real action. Achingly tender, like a ballad your sensitive boyfriend plays for you on his ukelele, the potatoes were masterfully seasoned. There’s a reason it comes with yogurt for dipping, because this set my tongue aflame. Trying to drink chai to cool it down was a mistake, as it seemed to only stoke the heat.

If that sounds like a complaint, I apologize. It isn’t. I loved it.

Finally there was something I’d not only never eaten before, but hadn’t even heard of: upma.

The best way to describe it is almost like a veggie-stuffed polenta made with semolina flour. The carrots and peas gave it a varied texture and I think there were mustard seeds in there, as well. It was good. Really good. Almost asked for a second plate good.

If you’re interested in having it for yourself, make a call and get a seat in advance. And join me in a solemn prayer that this brunch becomes a regular event for all our sakes.

About the Author

Founder and Eater-in-Chief of I Ate Oklahoma, Greg Elwell has been reviewing restaurants and writing about Oklahoma’s food culture for more than a decade. Where a normal person orders one meal, this guy gets three. He is almost certainly going to die young and those who love him most are fairly ambivalent about it. You can email Greg at greg@iateoklahoma.com.