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Bricktown Brewery uses soft opening to benefit The HOPE Center

I Ate Oklahoma is brought to you in part by:

Bricktown Brewery has seen some ups and downs since opening in 1992, but recent years have been mostly ups with the restaurant expanding well beyond the bounds of Bricktown and into neighboring states.

The 12th location is set to open Feb. 22 in Edmond (1150 E. 2nd Street). To celebrate, the restaurant is partnering with The HOPE Center of Edmond for a soft opening special.

Soft openings are a chance to work out the kinks at the restaurant and get the staff in shape for the daily grind. Many times, soft openings are free, but Bricktown Brewery owners saw a chance to fine-tune their service and help the community. On Feb. 22-24, a pair of guests get a shared appetizer, two entrees and two soft drinks for $20. All ticket proceeds go to The HOPE Center of Edmond, which provides social services for people with emergency needs in the community. (HOPE literally stands for Helping Our People in Emergencies.)

What kind of entrees can you look forward to? Check out the menu here (you'll need to scroll down a bit), but I recommend testing out the "Twisted Comfort Food" dishes like BBQ pork mac and cheese or the chicken-fried turkey sandwich. The restaurant also serves burgers, fish and chips and other treats that go well with beer. It is the Bricktown Brewery, after all.

You can't just show up and get this deal, though. Tickets must be purchased at ticketstorm.com and there is a limit of four guests per table during the soft opening. Choose your day, choose your time slot and choose the lucky guests who will be joining you.

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