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ARTonTAP 2018


I Ate Oklahoma is brought to you in part by:

One things museums don’t talk a lot about is how drunk most artists were. You think you hit happy hour a little hard last Thursday? Big whoop. Great artists are in constant pain because they can’t translate their genius to canvas or the written word or music and the only way they could deal was hitting the sauce. Hard.

Famous drunk artists include:

Vincent "Vinnie" Van Gogh

Charles "Chucky" Dickens

Ludwig "The Beef" von Beethoven

Billy "Billy" Joel

Johan "Jo-Jo" Sebastian "Seabass" Bach

Jan "Marsha Marsha Marsha" Steen

(The best part of knowing famous artists were drunks is that you can insert whatever nickname you think their drinking buddies would have given them.)

So let me say how much I respect the Oklahoma City Museum of Art for putting on ARTonTAP for 15 years. This is an event that makes it clear: art and beer are meant to be together. They’re basically the same thing, except one of them gets you drunk and the other one plumbs the depths of your soul for meaning.

This year’s ARTonTAP is 7-10 p.m. Oct. 19 at the Museum, 415 Couch Drive in OKC. There are still tickets available, which is nuts, because we all know what happens at ARTonTAP.

Wait, you don’t know what ARTonTAP is? Have you been living under several rocks?

A selection of beers to sample from Roughtail Brewing Co.

For $65 ($50 if you’re an OKCMOA member, which you should be) you get to roam around this gorgeous art museum at night, eating food and listening to music and sampling 80+ beers.

You thought getting rid of 3.2 was a big deal? This will blow your entire damn mind.

Weather permitting, and it better permit if it knows what’s good for it, by gum, the rooftop will be open and you can lounge about in the Capital Distributing Roof Terrace Beer Garden. Before you get too excited, the garden isn’t actually made of beer.

Get tipsy, house a few sandwiches from Scottie’s Deli (joining the Museum Cafe, Mt. Everest Cuisines and Nothing Bundt Cakes on food duty) and stare at some art until it almost makes sense.

Tickets are only sold in advance, so click here already and buy some.

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